A mystery in Korean sports that the world is curious about. There is a rumor that Koreans all have good eyes.
An archery that is strong enough to be called a national character. Is archery DNA in the blood of Koreans?
In Korea, the k-pop idol also scores 10 points. Through the archery program, we try to find archery DNA for Koreans. K-POP Idol !
To Be the national archery member of the national team within 100 days!

양궁의 전설에게 픽(pick) 당한 새로운 양궁돌 오마이걸!
양궁계의 아버지 장영술과 금메달리스트 구본찬과 만나다!
양궁돌로 거듭나기 위해 홀로 이 갈며 연습하는 또 다른 여자 아이돌?
다이아의 정채연! 그녀가 혼자 양궁을 연습하는 이유는?

New archery K-pop idol "OH MY GIRL" chosen by the archery legend.
"OH MY GIRL " met Jang Young-sul who is called the father of archery and the Gold medalist Gu Bon-chan.
There is another woman who practice alone to become the archery idol.
Chae-yeon Jung! What made her to carry a bow by herself?


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