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What is Roadshop?

Here we introduce what Roadshops are from a Korean perspective. Experience the roadshopping of Myeong-dong with Kmall24!

 The Korean term ‘Roadshop’ is not a very common term in the states as it is overseas. A Roadshop is pretty straightforward. It's a shop on a road. But it is utilized to reference a category, sales channel, or price point. A department store brand will be higher-end, upscale, and at a higher price point. Roadshop brands are sometimes called drugstore makeup/cosmetics or mass-market cosmetics, but drugstores are a bit different in Korea than the ones you see in the US or any other countries. In the US, the price-point for drugstore lines is much narrower than the price-points for Roadshop lines. For Roadshops, you can be talking about any brand that ranges from the single digits up to the $60 range.

 The cosmetics industry in Korea is hyper-competitive and saturated. Due to this, these Roadshop brands had to be innovative in their approach to stand out from the crowd. They did this with branding /packaging and forward-thinking in how ingredients are used and processed. Also, Roadshop brands were able to replicate the results of the higher-end department store level brands at a Roadshop price-point.

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