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Brand: NOSK
Composition: 2 PCS (Large and Ladies)
Calm Breath size
1. Large-Cylinder diameter: 10MM, Medium-Cylinder diameter: 8MM
2. Recommended for Large-Men, Medium-Ladies
* Further information for right size selection available from the product description below
Material: Polyolefin Elastomers
Made in South Korea
Designed to help breathe by maximizing airflow through the nasal passage.

1. The safe material used, Polyolefin Elastomers.
2. FDA registered as a 1st class medical device.
3. Two sizes available from 1 unit (L-men M-women).
4. Patented technology adapted
5. Easy to use
6. Comfortable to use

Calm Breath - Medical Device #Easy_use #Comfortable #FDA

1. Comfortable to use and airflow through the nasal passage maximized

2. Easy to use

3. Two size options available, for men and for women

4. Safe material-polyolefin Elastomer

5. FDA registered as 1st class medical device

Patented and High Performance Structure

1. Material

  - POE (Polyolefin Elastomers)

  - No harmful and safe to use

2. Structure

  - A cylinder type nasal cavity extender and connector

  - The range of nasal cavity extender diameter is 50~80% of the biggest one

  - You may wear it for long hours as air can be circulated through the wall of Nasal cavity extender

Guideline for right size selection (Medium-ladies / Large-men)

Recommending above sizes referring to the diagram below.

How to use

1. Gently insert it into nostril slightly squeezing the cylinders with two hands.

2. Push it parallel to each other until it reachs the wall of nasal cavity without any pain

3. Any pressure onto nostril will be away as the time runs.

4. Keep it clean after use.

Calm Breath is the best for followings

1. Sleeping : It will help you breathe in and out at sleeping by extending nasal cavity.

2. Sports and outing : It will help you breathe in and out at sports and outing maximizing the supply of air through Calm Breath

3. Study and work : It will help you better concentrate your attention on the work without distraction as it supplies necessary oxygen more to the brain

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