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[Arztin] Rejuvenation Pflege Gel(130ml)


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* ARZTIN Rejuvenation Pflege Gel protects skin from environmental stressors; helps soothe skin and prevents skin damage; firming effects; improves skin tone
* Volume: 130ml / For all skin types
* Directions: Wash face. After using a toner of your choice, apply an adequate amount on face and neck. Pat gently to help absorption.
* Main ingredients: Mineral Water, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, BASS 1 Complex
* Country of origin: Korea

[Arztin] Rejuvenation Pflege Gel(130ml)

                                                                Rejuvenation Pflege Gel

Basic information                Volume 130ml

[Arztin] Rejuvenation Pflege Gel(130ml)

Product information

1.  Moist Mineral, German Nordenau water

German Nordenau water support to make moist and firm skin.

2.  Protect skin from harmful environment, calming effect

Protect skin from harmful environment by providing upgraded calming effect based on German ingredient

3.  BASS 1 COMPLEX’s superior damage protection!

BASS 1 COMPLEX that composed of D-panthenol, CENTELLA ASIATICA SELECTED TRITERPENES, Laricyl LS-8865 prevent skin damage.

4.  King of moisturizing and calming, Aloe!

Superior moisturizing ability of aloe extracts provide not only soothing but calming effect.

Special point

“Mineral care which many people are exited for skin. The most interesting ingredient, Nordenau water and Pflege gel, became one.”

Soothing+Firming+dazzling brightness

No more angry skin, Calming care that felt every day, Moist baby face project that hold loosened skin

[Arztin] Rejuvenation Pflege Gel(130ml)


Protect from skin damage


Improve skin elasticity

Laricyl LS-8865
smooth skin texture

German Nordenau water story

[Arztin] Rejuvenation Pflege Gel(130ml)

More than half million people visit the representative Germann vacation place, ;Nordenauer tomes cave’, which is 200km apart from Frankfurt, each year to drink the 

water that widely known as The world’s fourth-greatest water. Nordenau water supply the healthy moisture and mineral to skin and make the healthy and smooth skin.

The main ingredients

Mineral Water, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, BASS 1 Complex

Check list

1.  Sensitive skin to rejuvenate after dermatology treatment

2.  Calming care needed skin after laser process

3.  Anti-aging care needed skin from extreme skin function decline

4.  Extremely sensitive and susceptible skin

5.  Special care needed skin which have limitation to improve skin condition with common cosmetics.

How to use

1.  Wipe the skin with toner after cleansing and apply essence

2.  Apply a proper amount to skin

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