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* JALKTON has a delicious flavor focused on children taste so children enjoy taking it with happiness
* JALKTON is designed to increase the growth and immunity of children
* Calcium, zinc, iron, Lysine, Vitamins and Amino-acids will help positively

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■Type of food : food supplement

■Producer and Place of Production, indicate importer if applicable : CHO-A PHARM.CO.LTD

  318 Gwangjeong-ro, Haman-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsannam-do, Korea

■Material and conten : Betaine, inositol, L- lysine hydrochloride, L- aspartic acid, nucleoside here protein, citric acid, L- arginine, calcium lactate, synthetic flavoring, nicotinamide, enzyme-treated stevia, zinc, vitamin B2,  vitamin B1, vitamin B6 , vitamin B12, etc.

■Nutrition facts Calories : Calories 0kcal, Carbohydrate 0g(0%), Sugars 0g, Protein 0g(0%), Saturated fat 0g(0%), Trans fat 0g(0%), Cholesterol 0mg(0%), Sodium 0mg(0%), Vitamin B1 0.1mg(8%), Vitamin B2 0.12mg(9%), Vitamin B6 0.09mg(6%), Niacin 3.5mgNE(23%), Lysine 17mg

  ※( ) % Nutrient reference values: 1 days rate for the nutrient reference values

■Dosage, intake method, and caution Dosage, intake method : Take 5mL 1 time, 1~2 times a day

■Ingestion Notices : After you release the product, please refrigerate.

  Make sure the expiration date before ingestion.

  Allergies or unusual constitution, who minutes after ingestion, please check the ingredients.

※This product is not medication for preventing or treating illnesses. 

※This product does not contain genetically modified ingredients

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