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8Cups is a smart water bottle that syncs with an app on your mobile phone to track your water intake and remind you to drink more.

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8Cups integrated sensors trigger an LED display to remind you drink water on a regular, timed basis.

When you drink, the amount is synced to your app so that you can track how much you have ingested and how much you have left to drink that day to meet your water intake goal.

Each day’s water intake data is saved in the app for future reference.

The Key Features of 8Cups:

8Cups utilizes a wireless charging system. Each charge lasts up to one week of use. This is particularly useful when traveling or engaging in outdoor activities where charging ports may not be readily available.

The 8Cups bottle is completely waterproof. All of the technology and sensors are sealed within the design and will not be damaged during everyday use and washing.

A no-slip rubber bottom keeps your 8Cups from slipping or sliding on smooth or wet surfaces.

The 8Cups is constructed of Tritan, a safe, BPA-free type of plastic that is long-lasting, and wear resistant. Because it will replace disposable water bottles, it is eco-friendly.

*Specifications are tentative.

Who Could Use an 8Cups?

It’s more like, who couldn’t use an 8Cups?! Anyone can benefit from the ability to effortlessly monitor their water intake. 

Specifically, people engaging in sports can ensure hydration, those with dry skin or hair issues, or people with medical conditions that require adequate water intake to dilute medication or improve symptoms. This is truly an innovation that anyone can use. And it’s an awesome gift!

For those of you sitting in an office all day, drinking coffee or soda, you’d feel more awake and clear-headed if you drank enough water. Let us introduce you to 8Cups!

Ladies (and gentlemen) watching their figures, drinking water is the most important part of a healthy diet or weight loss program. It also makes your hair look fantastic and shiny and your skin glowing. Let 8Cups help you remember to keep up with your water intake!


Not everyone wants a bland one-color only option for a water bottle. That’s why we are offering our 8Cups in 3 amazing colors: Matte White, Matte Black, Dark Pearl Gray.

(Also, we offer 3 colors for X10 Goods in kmall24, Amazon, t-mall)


The 8Cups software features include a calendar with a timeline that graphs your water intake in comparison to the recommended daily amount of two liters. It provides motivation with reminders and the option to take photos for comparison as your skin and health improve. The software also allows you to set your own goals for water intake. Want to drink more than 2 liters? Set your own goals and challenge yourself. The app tracks your intake, so you can see how many days in a row you drank your full target amount of water. We will continue to add features to enhance your hydrating experience.

Now draft of smartphone application is on progress. 

Smartwatch Integration

We are planning an integration option with smartwatches. Since many of these contain fitness-related apps, your water status will be evaluated with activity and environmental conditions.


*Specifications are tentative.

How does 8Cups sensor assess the water level?

Adapting IR sensor for leveling is unique idea of 8Cups, The principal of this idea is that the light bends when it meets the water. Then, if the water is in the container, the receiver on the opposite direction cannot receive the light from the sender and vice versa. 8Cups applied patented technology by using these facts. By these facts, 8Cups has advantage on cost efficiency. Thus, 8Cups catches two hares which are cost cutting and technological innovation at once. 

IR leveling sensor that 8Cups team’s own technology to measuring water leveling permitted to be patent registered on KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Organization) on January 22nd 2015. 

Now 8Cups team will apply PCT(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patent_Cooperation...), then going to request patent to U.S, EU and other regions. 

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