[Geumsan Dukwon]Korean Red Ginseng Tonic


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- Volume/weight : Volume 35.5 x 7.4 x 34.4(cm)/ Total weight 3.984(kg)/ Contents 50ml x 60 bags
- Import declaration according to Food Sanitation Law : Not applicable
- Type of food : Red ginseng beverage
- Nutrition facts : Calorie 25kcal Carbohydrate 6g(2%) Sugars 3g Protein 0g(0%) Fat 0g(0%) Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 5mg(0%)
- Baby food/diet food advertisement deliberation status : Not applicable
- Ingredients/contents : Red ginseng concetrate(red ginseng content 70mg/g), solid 60%, Korean) 0.5%
- Indications for GM foods : Not applicable
- Manufacturer : Geumsan Dukwon Ginseng Agricultural Association Corporation
- Date of manufacture : 24 months from manufacturing date
[Geumsan Dukwon]Korean Red Ginseng Tonic


* Product name: Korean Red Ginseng Tonic
* Food type: Red ginseng beverage
* License number: Chungnam Geumsan No. 3-121
* Name of ingredients and contents: red ginseng concentrate[(red ginseng componen content 70mg/g), solid 60%)] 0.5%, red ginseng sugared juice[(red ginseng extract(red ginseng component content 70mg/g), honey, oligosaccharide, low fructose, high fructose corn syrup], jujube concentrate(Korean, solid 50%), cornus concentrate액(solid 50%), Vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract, purified water
* Intake method: 2 times a day, Take 1 bag a day.
* Caution
- You need to put it inside different container for microwave.
- May have sediments sometimes but shake and drink it with an easy mind.
- Be careful as you can get scarred when opening or taking the product.
* Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
* You can return or get compensation according to the consumer dispute resolution standard by Framework Act on Consumers.
* Return/exchange: This product received strict quality assurance and screening that products that went bad during distribution process can be exchanged or refunded at the store you where you purchased the product.
* Contents: 50ml * 60 bags (3000ml)
* Packing material: PE(polyethylene resin)
* Manufacturer: Geumsan Dukwon Ginseng Agricultural Association Corporation
Chungnam, Geumsan-gun, Namil-Myun, Bonghwang-개, 349
*Consumer consulting center : 041)753-8527/www.dukwon.co.kr
Nutrient component
Serving size 1bag(50ml)/ Total 60 times(3000ml)
Sugar content per serving (% nutrient standard)
Calory 25kcal
Carbohydrate 6g(2%)
Sugars 3g
Protein 0g(0%)
Fat 0g(0%)
Saturated fat 0g(0%)
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg(0%)
Sodium 5mg(0%)
%nutrient standard : Ratio of daily nutrient standard

[Geumsan Dukwon]Korean Red Ginseng Tonic

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