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[AVEA] Brush on Sunblock 5g


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- Volume/weight: 5g

- For all skin types; SPF 33 PA++; ECOCERT certified physical sunblock; waterproof (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-sticky formula)

- Expiration date/Use within: 3 years from manufacturing date

- Manufacturer and ret














Great for children as it is made with natural ingredients only. No coloring added.

-Characteristics of the product:

1. This ECOCERT certified physical sunblock generates a protective layer on the skin to reflect UV rays like a mirror.
Physical sunblock: method of protection by producing a protective layer on the skin to reflect or to disperse UV rays.

2. Waterproof. Easy-to-carry.
Very resistant against water and sweat, doesn’t hurt the eyes, and non-greasy. The easy-to-use brush can help protect you and your family against UV rays.

3. SPF 33 PA++
Now, you don’t need to use the product 20 minutes before going under the sun for a better and long-lasting effect since the sun powder provides instant protection against UV rays. Won’t stain your clothes. Will help brighten up your skin without irritating your eyes. Everyone can use it thanks to its fragrance-free component.

4. Non-sticky. Say bye to the cold spray!
It’s not sticky like suncreams or cold like sprays. Easy-to-use and effective powder-type sunblock.

-How to use:
1. After removing the lid, pull down the entire sleeve.
2. Turn left the cartridge to OPEN all way until you hear it click.
3. Pointing the brush downwards, lightly shake it up and down.
4. Repeat as needed.

If there is more powder than needed coming out, do not pull the sleeve all way down. Pull the sleeve down only half-way to reduce the amount of powder coming out.

7. Main ingredients: Titanium oxide/Silica/Jojoba ester, Silica, Mica, cornstarch

8. Testing required by the Cosmetics Act regulated by the Korea Food & Drug Administration if the product has benefits: UV rays protection, SPF 33 PA++

9. Caution:

1). Stop using the product when you notice the following. If the problem persists, consult your doctor immediately.
a. Red spots, swelling, itching, and other reactions when using
b. Same or similar reactions as above when exposed the applied area under direct sunlight.

2). Do not use the product on areas with injuries, eczema, or infections.

3). Note:
a. Make sure to close the lid after every use.
b. Keep out of reach of children, toddlers, and babies.
c. Keep out of direct sunlight or hot places.

4). This product has been tested for sun proof factor and UVA rays blocking factor following the rules and regulations stated by the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

5). Avoid areas around the eyes.

10. Warranty: Warranty for 3 months after purchase.

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