[Samdaein] First Red Gingseng On(500g)


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* Product type : Red ginseng product
* Product Constructon : 500g bottle
* Product Size : 175mm x 175mm x 125mm
* Product Weight : 1.965kg
* Origin : Korea
* Making/Supply Company : Baekjehongsam Co., Ltd (OEM)

* Packing material : Glass bottle
* License number for the production of health functional food : KFDA No. 2008-Daegu-0001
* Raw material & its content : red ginseng concentrate liquid(6-year-old from Korea, more than 65%of solid matter) 100%

  (13mg/g of Ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1, Rg3).

* Mixing rate of ginseng : Red ginseng root 70%, red ginseng fine roots 30%.
* Amount & method of intake :  It can be taken before or after the meal. Honey or sweetener can be added for a better taste

  depending <br>on one's preference.
* 2 times daily for adults. Take the amount of one spoon(1g) enclosed at a time and dissolve it into water prior to intake.
* Children under 15 years of age are recommended to take 1/2 of the adults and less than 10 years of age should
  take just 1/3 of the adults.
* Storage :  Keep in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and humidity.
* After opening the cap, it should be taken as soon as possible, otherwise,
* make sure to seal it off tightly and keep it refrigerated.

[Samdaein] First Red Gingseng On(500g)


[Samdaein] First Red Gingseng On(500g)


[Samdaein] First Red Gingseng On(500g)



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